The below is just a guide. We recommend that whenever possible you get a qualified seamstress to measure your dress size. Always get someone else to make the measurements for you: measuring yourself will give inaccurate numbers and could lead to disappointment. Measure with undergarments similar to those you will wear with your dress, do not measure over other clothing.

A Bust

This is not your bra size! Wear a very thin bra.

When you measure.

Relax arms at sides.

Pull tape across the ullest partof your bust.

B Waist

Find he natural wakst this is the smallest part of the waist.

Usually about 1 inch above belly button.

Keep tape slighty loose to allow for breathing room.

C Hips

Find the widest part of tho hips.

Tape should brush across botn hipbones.

D Shoulder to Shoulder

Measure from the edge of the shoulder.

Measure along the back to the same point on the other shoulder.

E Armhole

This measurement give us the size of the sleeves hole that you are confortable wearing.

F Armpit

Around the fullest part of the upper arm.

G Arm Length

Shoulder point to the wrist.

H Hollow to Floor

Stand straight with feet together.

Measure barefoot.

Begin at the hollow space betwcen the collarbonesand tap straight down to the floor.

I Hollow to Hem

From the hollow space between your collabonesto the skirt hem.